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So far, we haven’t had much interaction with people in the neighborhood. In fact, I don’t see all that many people out in general, and it’s a bit harder to be seen when all the houses sit pretty far back from our street. Granted, it’s also hard to see and be seen at oh-dark-thirty when I leave for work, but I digress.

We see cars coming and going from the house next door on occasion, but it’s been pretty quiet so far. It has only been a few days, but I am hoping we can meet some good, friendly neighbors. We certainly want to be that to everyone else. I have visions of being welcomed at our door with fresh baked cookies and fruit baskets, but it’s possible that everyone is just waiting until Halloween to come to our door. In which case, they’ll probably expect me to be handing out the treats.

There has been one neighborly interaction, however. Bart was outside taking trash to the curb this morning when a man came up to him to introduce himself. He lives one street over and was out walking his dog when he noticed Bart coming out of the house. Evidently, he was the one who installed the wonderful screen panels on our very unique and fantastic front porch. He even told Bart that they are removable and described how to do it.

He also said his son rented the house from the owners for a while, so it seems he has quite a bit of history with the place. It was very thoughtful of him to stop and say hello to the new owners, especially to give us a tip about one of its best features.

Our only other neighborly encounter was also yesterday, when Bart saw a fox run out of the backyard. According to him, the only thing the fox said was, “see you later.”

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