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This is nuts

Have I mentioned how many trees we have in our yard? Apparently a ton of them are oak trees, because for the last few weeks, it has been raining acorns around our house.


And I just swept the deck a few days ago.


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Murphy, you annoy the snot out of us sometimes: you puke on my new rug, you piddle in the floor every time someone comes over and pets you and you’re so excited, you bark like crazy in the yard, we can’t take you out on the leash because you try to protect us from every perceived threat and sound like you’re going to tear them up, and you are an epic whiner. But you’re a sweet companion, you love everybody who comes to visit, you get so excited over the little things like dinner time and treats, you (sort of) chase the squirrels away from the bird feeder, you want to cuddle on our laps, you are sooo happy to see us when we come home, you’re very intelligent (though stubborn), you run circles around the house like a maniac when you’re feeling ornery and playful, you like to tuck yourself into bed under your blanket dachshund-style, and you’re a good sport when we tease you. Given where we were five months ago, we’re glad that you’re still around, and we don’t take for granted that you can stand and wag while posing for a birthday pic this morning.


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