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This weekend, Bart, Murphy, and I hopped in the car and drove down to Raleigh for a bit of a “last hurrah” car trip before the baby gets here. We don’t envision making any grand trips from here on out, as one just never knows. But we did want to take the opportunity to see some friends and family while traveling is slightly less complicated.


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Bart and I are sitting on the couch this Sunday night, capping off an entertaining weekend with some unwinding before it draws to a close.

About an hour ago we returned home from a short trip south. We were returning the favor of a visit to our friends who came to visit us last month. I had “Wagon Wheel” in my head all day Friday since we were “hopin’ for Raleigh” that night.

Despite leaving work early and supposedly getting a head start, we spent a whole lot more time hoping than driving, as traffic on I-95 south from DC to Fredericksburg was a nightmare. In 4.5 hours (the time it should have taken to drive the whole way), we went 71 miles, averaging 17 mph. We did stop for Qdoba burritos in there, but still.

It was also timely that Darius Rucker posted his new “Wagon Wheel” video, featuring some of the cast of Duck Dynasty (epic win!), on the very same day. I had to watch it somewhere around hour six for a boost of motivation.

Finally, we made it out of the worst of traffic and cruised in late, tired but happy to be there.

We had modest plans for enjoying the town, but the weather was grey and dreary and cool. We managed to walk around the Durham farmers’ market, enjoy some food truck fare, and wander downtown for some unusual treats at Monuts donut shop. But this annoying, lingering winter that we’re having instead of spring didn’t inspire us. Lacking the appropriate weather for more activities, we spent a good deal of time just relaxing, hanging out, and talking. At one point we calculated how many years of college the four of us had between us…that was a depressing activity. We played with the dogs and made cookies, we watched a movie and chitchatted. We went to church with them Saturday evening and went out later to stuff ourselves with some yummy Indian food.

This morning it was raining and cold. Again uninspired by the weather, we finally mustered enough motivation to go out to the only place we could think of to walk around where it was warm and dry…the mall. While not all that exciting of a vacation destination, it was actually kind of nice to get out a bit.¬† Afterward, it was time for us to head home. Hopefully on our next trip to Raleigh we’ll be able to do more. I also hope we’ll have more time, because we do have other friends there we didn’t get to see this trip.

It rained for a while, then it began snowing with big, fat flakes nearly all the way back. I am so very done with this late winter. I thought it was just me complaining that it wasn’t warm enough yet, but evidently it really is a late and crappy spring. Winter has been hard enough with the move, and I’ve been antsy for the freedom of fairer skies. Maybe after this round, it’ll finally be over…one can hope.

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