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Happy Pi Day, everyone! As most of you have probably heard by now, 3-14-15 is a particularly epic (eπc?) Day, having two more inherent digits of the irrational number in the date. To celebrate the occasion, I organized “Pi Day Observed” at work on Friday…and of course it involved pie…


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Today is one of the most revered nerd holidays of the year…Pi Day. Every March 14th (3-14), math and pastry enthusiasts alike join to celebrate our most beloved irrational number. Enthusiasts of European-style dates join in shaking their fists at Americans. They’re just jealous that they never get a Pi Day.

One of these days, I am going to actually make a pie on Pi Day. I wanted to this year, but we have some last-minute dinner plans with a friend in Arlington, so I won’t be cooking today. Maybe next year.

Instead, I leave you with the pecan pi(e) that Bart made especially for me on Thanksgiving after I asked him what was for dessert. Very clever, dear.

Happy Pi Day!


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