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As I write this, I am on a plane over the Caribbean, returning from a warm, sunny week on the beach with family. I should be telling you about the island of CuraƧao, about how I finally learned to snorkel, about the beautiful turquoise water, about how I appreciate missing the latest round of bitterly cold weather in the states, and soon I will. But this, unfortunately, is not what I must share with you today.

On Wednesday evening, after a day out exploring the island, I casually grabbed my phone to check the day’s email with the wifi provided in the apartment we were renting. I was surprised to see that I had missed multiple calls and had a voicemail. I couldn’t return the calls or listen to the message because I didn’t have international calling on my phone; I was only using the wifi connection. But when I checked my email, I quickly discerned who had been calling.

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