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Waking up at 5:00 a.m. to go to work on your birthday isn’t necessarily what I would wish for every year; however, I guess my early commuting schedule means that I get to enjoy more hours of my birthday today. Although I distinctly remember achieving a similar effect in college by staying up until after midnight the day before.

For the second year in a row, my birthday has coincided with moving, and while Bart and I have tried hard to not let it fall by the wayside, it has inevitably gone a slightly different direction than usual. Last year, I did have my bi-annual costume birthday party, albeit amid moving boxes, as a final farewell to all our friends in Colorado. This year, I didn’t have anything particularly spectacular planned, however, in typical Taylor fashion, we essentially celebrated my birthday all weekend up through Monday. On Friday, I took an evening off from unpacking to attend the annual banquet for the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center. The event featured guest speaker Pam Tebow, who is a wonderfully sweet and sincere woman. Her son’s fame has given her an unexpected platform to speak in the last few years, so I was thankful for the opportunity to hear her story.

On Saturday, we had to run a few errands in the morning and plowed through a few boxes at home, but we did find time for some fun diversions. In the afternoon, we took an hour or two and drove a little ways out of town to look at leaves. The fall foliage hasn’t arrived in force in the DC area just yet, but I think that next weekend will be the peak here. Despite the lack of fall color, we had a great trip off the beaten path, explored some new areas, and even found a neat regional park we want to come back to later.

Sunday evening, my friend from work and her husband came over to see the new house. We’re excited to live a lot closer to our small yet growing circle of friends now, and this couple lives just a few miles from us. We went out to dinner in Shirlington and came back to the house for birthday cake.

Yes, what birthday is complete without birthday cake? I decided to try a new spice cake recipe in my Wolf oven. The recipe called for baking 50-55 minutes, but I took the cake out after 30 minutes and decided that I might have even overbaked it for a couple of minutes. I’m starting to be a believer in this convection oven thing. Regardless, the cake was still delicious. And yes, we may have already eaten two-thirds of it.


Yes, it’s over half gone. Gotta get it done before the birthday is over.

And because (some of) you asked for it, here’s another piece of Cake for my birthday.

Yesterday, when Bart and I were driving to church, I noticed some strange rocks sliding out from under my car seat.

I couldn’t figure out what they came from and decided it must have been something I put in my car during the move, even though I was certain we didn’t own rocks. Bart gathered them all up and took them inside, and I totally forgot about them until I came into the kitchen this morning to find not only the rocks but the amaryllis bulb and vase to which they belong.
Evidently he bought the vase a couple of days ago, and they accidentally spilled in the car on the way home. He thought his cover was blown, but he played it cool and, in true Jennifer fashion, I was oblivious. I’m semi-obsessed with plants that grow from bulbs, so I am very excited about watching my amaryllis grow over the holidays. What a thoughtful birthday gift from Bart, who fretted that my birthday wouldn’t feel special since life was so hectic the last two weeks. Well, I guess those fears were unfounded, as it’s been as good of a two weeks as a girl could ask for.

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