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It’s done. It’s finally done. All the squares, all the stitching together, all the weaving in ends, all the border. I’m going to go bury my knitting needles now.

Oh wait, is that a hole where my woven-in ends have come undone?…. Dang it.

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Today marks eight months since our move to DC. Two thirds of a year now–as usual, I am incredulous at how fast time goes. I feel sort of in the groove here, but other than my job I feel like I haven’t really started making a life here yet. We’re sort of just waiting for…something, I guess. Buying a house and really settling down? Life is good, lest you fret that it’s otherwise. My spirit is just getting antsy.

In two thirds of a year, I/we have:

  • Made a driving tour of New England.
  • Returned a visit to everyone who’s stayed with us at Hotel Taylor.
  • Complained about the humidity.
  • Gone to the batting cages.
  • Been stalked by a real estate agent we ran into at two different open houses.
  • Taken a furlough day.
  • Experienced an hour-long power outage at work.
  • Experienced a three-hour long power outage at home.
  • Harvested lettuce and Swiss chard from my little pots on the back porch.
  • Taken the dog to a new vet.
  • Exterminate the bugs in our kitchen. Take that, vermin.
  • Visited a beach during the summer time.
  • Finally visited a lighthouse.
  • Updated our 101-in-1001 list to reflect our new situation.

I/we have yet to:

  • Buy a house.
  • Feel totally settled.
  • Finish crocheting the border of my mitered square blanket.
  • Go to Gettysburg.
  • Plant more lettuce for a second crop.
  • Swim at a beach we’ve visited.
  • Buy any local Maryland produce (we have from places we’ve visited but not here).
  • Make rubbings of some names from the Vietnam Memorial, as requested by a family member.
  • Visited Mount Vernon.
South Portland Lighthouse, Maine

South Portland Lighthouse, Maine

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For my sister-in-law’s baby shower last weekend, I finally finished a baby blanket I had been working on for a few weeks. This was actually my first real crochet project ever, and despite a few boo-boos it doesn’t look too bad. While it was only one solid sheet of single crochet, I consider my long-standing goal of “learning to crochet” finally completed.

I’m primarily a knitter and am fairly advanced in what I can do, and so far I still feel like I prefer it to crochet, but I would like to say one day that I am proficient in both. I do plan on expanding my skills to advanced topics such as double crochet, increasing and decreasing, and working in the round in the future. However, for the immediate future regarding my crafting, I have other plans.

There’s this blanket I’ve been working on for quite a while (but I am no longer admitting to exactly how long; it’s embarrassing). I made a blanket just like it a few years ago; if you have come to stay with me before, you will recognize it as the bedspread in our spare room. I am somewhat infatuated with it, but for some reason I decided I needed to make another one.

This is no piddly little baby blanket, though; it’s a full-sized, intricate object with a complex color scheme that requires meticulous planning to make sure that no pattern is repeated and that I don’t run out of yarn, the amount of which I carefully calculated with a small amount of wiggle room. It also requires careful arrangement of squares so that no larger unit repeated the same color and no color was touching anywhere, except maybe at a corner. For those interested knitters, this is the classic “mitered square blanket” from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting (pattern here on Ravelry ).

It has languished for many moons as I have gradually knitted the 36 separate small mitered squares required for it. Last year before we moved, I finally completed all the individual pieces and laid out the placement of the squares, but the move interrupted the final seaming of it all together. Actually, moving was just an excuse to avoid it; seaming and weaving in all those loose ends is practically the worst thing ever. Here is the layout:

Daunting, no? There are 36 individual squares requiring 36 separate, small seams to generate nine larger squares, which in turn must be seamed together as well. Not to mention that when it’s all done, I intend to make a black border around the entire thing, which is something like four feet on each side. So now you know why it’s taken so long.

No more excuses, however. I’ve decided to create a monthly challenge for May to completely finish this blanket, seams and border and all. It’s time to get it done, and making a conscious and public goal will keep me on task for completion. I’ve found monthly challenges to be an excellent way to tackle projects that need some focus and a little time. Paired with a goal of the week, it helps me be so much more productive at home, and even at work. So hopefully I will be able to share the finished product with you in a few weeks…wish me luck!

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