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There is one day of the whole year that I really don’t like, and that is April 1. I’m a fairly trusting person. I always try to think the best of people until undeniably and unequivocally proven wrong. I like a clever, tasteful prank once in a while, but the whole idea of purposefully deceiving someone, often in a cruel way, doesn’t really appeal to me. I don’t like being a fool just because I’ve given someone my trust and they’ve taken advantage of it. Or maybe my pride is just hurt for being so gullible…nah, surely not that.

At any rate, in the last few years, come the first of April, I now become jaded and cynical, carefully scrutinizing every word I hear or read on that day. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… Hopefully this blog post will be a public service announcement to open-hearted people such as myself who, with the distraction of Easter, have forgotten about this day coming up. And hopefully everyone will enjoy the following memes I lovingly created to express my feelings about the day.

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Well, my least favorite day of the entire year has come and gone, but its effects still linger. Worse than the day after Christmas, worse than Election Day, worse than tax day, Daylight Saving Time is my least favorite day of all, though it is undoubtedly my most favorite time of year for a gratuitously ranty blog post.

So what if it gets darker later in the evening? News flash–that has already been happening daily since the winter solstice in December! And this will continue to happen through the summer solstice in June, automatically without any help from arbitrarily resetting one’s clock.

Likewise, the sun has been rising earlier each day. However, now that we’ve dorked around with setting the time, I’m back to driving to work completely in the dark. And just when I was maybe starting to get slightly accustomed to waking up at the ungodly hour of pre-six-a.m. to avoid the worst of DC commuter traffic, now I’m staggering and bleary-eyed again. Eight years of grad school didn’t drive me to the coffee machine, but this just might.

I feel that all the typical arguments in favor of shifting the time–saving energy, encouraging commerce and activity for more hours after the work day–are more than offset by the drawbacks and annoyances–the cost in time and money of changing clocks, the disruption of sleep, decreased productivity, etc. It is far from obvious that it makes a positive impact.

The name itself irritates me in a manifold manner. First, contrary to colloquial speak, the correct term is Daylight Saving Time…not “savings” time, which undoubtedly slips much more freely off the tongue; hard to blame anyone for throwing the extra “s” in there. However, the term would be most grammatically correct by adding a hyphen, daylight-saving time, since “saving” is used as an adjective here. You could liken the term to one such as “labor-saving device” if that helps you get the drift of what someone was trying to do grammatically with the term. Of course, this argument would only bother someone as grammatically obsessed as me.

I don’t have children, but on behalf of parents everywhere I also point out that confusing a child’s sleep schedule twice a year is neither pleasant nor edifying.

So don’t let the thrifty little name fool you; if Congress can’t even save money, what makes them think they can save time, too? :p We are merely artificially shifting hours around like we own the place, but the actual movement of sun and stars are firmly out of our control. Any touted benefits do not, in my opinion, outweigh the consequences. Plus, I’m already not a morning person, so giving me more reason to be grumpy is not exactly in the world’s best interest.


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