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It was astounding how many visitors we had when we first moved to Washington, but I was even more astounded by how few we had after we bought our house last year. We now have a lovely guest suite with a private bath downstairs and have had practically no guests all year to enjoy it! Even when we hosted Bart’s sister and our niece last spring, we stayed in the guest room while they could take a couple of rooms upstairs. However, in October we have been making up for lost time in the guest department. From weekend visits from friends and family to having someone dog-sit while we were out of town, we’ve hosted quite a number of folks in rapid succession at Hotel Taylor the last few weeks.

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As I stated here on the blog a year ago, I really do not care for April Fools Day. I appreciate a clever prank or some witty playfulness now and again, but I feel that some jokes go a little far on this day. Rather than focusing on a negative, however, I’ve decided to take today to begin a new monthly challenge for April, one that I believe is wise and not at all foolish.


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This weekend, we had no earth-shattering plans beyond visiting a new church and buying a lawn mower. Exciting, I know. However, before the weekend was half over, Bart and I found ourselves roasting marshmallows around a fire pit and chilling out at a friend’s house.

This is an astonishing feat since, as you may recall, we have approximately zero friends here in DC. Of the few million people living in the greater metropolitan DC area, I know about seven. Those are mostly all from work, and Bart averages about zero, as he works from home. We might also recognize two or three people we’ve shaken hands with at various churches during our months of church shopping. So when we casually strolled about one of the area’s many malls on an unassuming Saturday morning, the last thing I would ever have imagined happening was being in the same store at the same time as someone I actually recognized.

Indeed, it was the girl who has an office right next to mine at work. We don’t work in the same group, but we have chatted a bit since I started, being about the same age and sharing some common interests. Evidently we share a bit of the same fashion sense, too. So a surprise encounter turned into lunch with her and her husband which turned into an invitation to hang out at their place that evening with some friends of theirs. And now I feel confident to finally assert that Bart and I now have approximately two acquaintances that we might be able to call friends living in our general area.

This was by far the most interesting highlight of our weekend, but we did manage to squeeze in a few more notable activities. Sunday morning we visited a church on Capitol Hill; in fact, here’s the view from a block away from the the church:


Not too shabby, eh?

We also hit a few open houses in the area as we learn more about neighborhoods we might like to live when we get ready to purchase. After that, I came home and crashed; I must have been tired from all that excitement. I rested up the rest of Sunday, and now it’s back to work for the week. There’s nothing too earth-shattering planned for this week, either, but hey, evidently things can change!

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