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Do the homework

I’ll never forget a conversation I was a part of when I was a junior in college. A group of us were hanging around after a meeting at our campus ministry one evening and talking about school. One guy (we’ll call him Jack) confided about how he was struggling a bit with his classes.

“Yeah, I know God was gracious and provided the opportunity for me to come study here at the university. I’m definitely trusting him with all my classes, but I’m actually not doing very well.”

He went on to assure us he was trusting fully on God for his success and not, for instance, on worldly activities such as doing his homework or studying. As far as I can tell, Jack was honestly confused about why he was struggling in school. It seemed completely obvious to me–you can’t just not do your homework and expect God to bail you out of a class. You had to put in the effort to study and learn on your own, and God would help you along the way.

However, I confess that I find myself doing exactly the same thing in my own life every single day.


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