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The Taylors have crossed off yet another 101-in-1001 item: breakfast in bed.

We’d never had breakfast in bed before, so it seemed like a perfect curious item to add to our list. It honestly always seemed a little weird to me, though, as bed has never appealed to me as a place to eat food (except maybe my dorm bed, since there wasn’t any other place to sit in those cramped rooms ;). But I was certainly willing to give it a try. And this morning seemed like the perfect opportunity.

As you can see, I didn’t have a big spread, just English muffins and some fresh strawberry spread (a delicious and stupidly easy concoction that I will have to share with you soon). But I did make coffee for Bart, which is a huge feat, as I don’t drink coffee at all and don’t know one end of a coffee bean from the other…or something like that. Fortunately, he has one of those pod coffee makers, so I was able to just throw a k-cup in the machine and hit a button. Voila. The hardest part was carrying the mug up the stairs on a tray.

The food was delicious, if I do say so myself, but I was correct that I just did quite “get it.” However, we did enjoy sharing a different experience together, and did I mentioned the strawberry spread was delicious? And easy. Very delicious.

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