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Before we left for Curacao, I was asked to attend a meeting in California for work this week. I usually enjoy the occasional work trip, mostly because I’m not asked to do it often enough to become onerous. Of course, I didn’t know we’d be tending a convalescing dog after our vacation, so I agreed, even with the quick turn-around. I was a little sad to have to leave Murph, but honestly he’s doing just fine and Bart has been doing a wonderful job of caring for him this week. So I bid my boys good-bye for a couple of days and jaunted off to the west coast.

I don’t normally travel so much, but ever since fall, I feel like I’ve been on the go every time I turn around. We traveled to Raleigh for Thanksgiving; I had a conference in Seattle the next week; then we spent 10 days in Arkansas for Christmas; we just returned from a week-long international vacation in the Caribbean; now I’m flying again to the West Coast for work related stuff. I know there are people who travel way more than I do, but I’m beginning to feel like a real jet-setter over here. While I’m by no means the most expert traveler, I have had enough adventures in the last few years to experiment with quite a variety of travel related gear. I have come across some real winners that have made traveling just a little bit easier, and I thought I could pass along some of my top picks for traveling smart.


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