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Today was Presidents Day, meaning I enjoyed an extra day off this weekend. This is also one of the few minor Federal holidays that Bart also gets off from his work. We had all kinds of plans to enjoy the long weekend together, but those immediately got derailed about 15 minutes before Bart’s normal quitting time. A computer emergency cropped up at his work, so he put in another full day’s work before crashing late that night and another more than half day on Saturday before they got far enough to call it quits.

Originally, we had planned to finally go to the International Spy Museum in downtown DC on Saturday morning, something we’ve had on our list for a while. With the unexpected turn of events, that ultimately didn’t happen. However, while Bart was working, I ran a few errands in town and got caught up on some chores around the house (I even dusted…I hope you were sitting down for that revelation). When he finished, we spent a nice, relaxing evening at home while Bart unwound.

Our Sunday plan was still on, though–we had yet another friend come to visit! Just call us Hotel Taylor, evidently. Bart used to work with Aaron in Colorado until he decided to move back to upstate New York over a year ago. We’ve kept in touch, and since he was in DC for a conference this weekend, he called us up to hang out before he had to return home.

We were scheduled to pick him up in the Capitol Hill area after his conference ended Sunday afternoon. Just as we pulled off the highway into downtown and were stopped at a light, we saw him walking across the street right in front of us. Our timing couldn’t have been more impeccable. However, Aaron–unaccustomed to having people honk at him in traffic–didn’t see us when we tried to get his attention. We called him up and told him we were close, and he hung tight at a neighboring intersection while we tried to figure out how to reach him just a block away. Such a seemingly simple task nearly took, well, an act of Congress. We had never been in this area of town before, and we are not accustomed to driving in District traffic on a busy Sunday. However, we finally managed to make a left turn, backtrack through Chinatown, and pick Aaron up before making our escape from downtown.

We got to hang out Sunday evening and Monday morning before returning him to the train station for his trip home. In fact, since Union Station was only a few blocks from the Spy Museum and it opened early for the holiday, all three of us were actually able to go check it out before he headed home. So, while we didn’t get to do it on Saturday as planned, Bart and I still managed to make it happen this weekend after all, and with the pleasure of more good company.

Bart and I topped our weekend off with a fun meal. We tried our hand at crepes, another meal we experienced and enjoyed in France. We made savory crepes with a meaty filling and topped it off with a simple fruit and yogurt crepe. I regret that forgot to take any pictures of our delicious dessert; fortunately, there are leftovers, so I’ll probably get a second chance to share. I’m not exactly a food blogger here, but evidently I take great pleasure in sharing my food experiments with you. 😉

So, while initially derailed, we got our long weekend back on track. Not only did we hit a fun activity on our list, we also got to visit with yet another friend. Despite the traffic, it’s just another perk of living in the DC area.

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