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My father, Bill McGee, passed away on May 31, 2017. He arrived at our house on Thanksgiving Day last fall, awaiting the birth of this granddaughter two weeks later and complaining of a strange rash that suddenly popped up on him. It took until March for him to be diagnosed with a rare type of lymphoma. By then, it had progressed too far, and despite enduring more physical suffering than I can even appreciate and trying so very hard to fight it, he accepted the reality of his condition, said his goodbyes to us all, and let things take their course. Bart, the kids, and I were back home for his passing and the funeral and have since returned home. In the meantime, I am slowly processing through what happened and adjusting to this new paradigm. Today I wanted to write about my dad, especially in time for a bittersweet Father’s Day, and honor his life and what he meant to me and those around him.


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