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Last week was the peak bloom time of Washington DC’s famous cherry blossoms. These cherry trees, given as a gift to the US from Japan in 1912, bloom every spring and draw massive crowds of admirers to the city. While there are many blooming trees, the most famous are those surrounding the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial. Though the trees typically bloom in the early part of April, peak bloom date isn’t accurately estimated until a few weeks beforehand, as it can vary quite dramatically depending on the weather during early spring. This makes it particularly challenging to plan a trip to DC in advance to coincide with peak bloom, but that doesn’t deter millions of visitors from taking a gamble on timing and planning spring trips to the city in hopes of catching the blooms at just the right time. This influx of visitors causes added chaos on top of the normal insanity of DC traffic. However, for us locals, even though we have to deal with the added commotion, we have the luxury of swinging by the Tidal Basin to catch the blooms at precisely the perfect time.


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