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This Saturday, Bart and I decided to drive to Delaware for the day. Just because we can.

The Delaware border is less than two hours away from us, and since it’s a small state, we decided that it would the appropriate scope for a day trip that would knock another new state off our map. We didn’t really know what to do in Delaware, though, so we did a little investigating about the state beforehand. We found that, well, there isn’t just a ton to do in Delaware. However, we found a few interesting things to see.

We started by making our first trip to (or, rather, near) Annapolis and crossing the Bay Bridge over the Chesapeake. All these crazy long bridges over water on the east coast are fascinating and just a tiny bit terrifying to me. It was a point of interest all its own.

Annapolis Bay Bridge

From there, we drove across the farms of the Maryland and Delaware countryside over to Dover. We quickly drove around the state’s legislative mall, seeing the capitol and other governmental buildings of the nation’s first state.


Welcome to Delaware


State capitol building

From there, we arrived at our main stop of the day, the Fordham Brewing company. Our friend Nathan, a true beer aficionado, mentioned that there are a number of craft breweries located in Delaware. Though we are not beer aficionados ourselves, we decided that, since we didn’t know what else to do in the state, a brewery tour might be an interesting activity since we were there. Fordham brews its own labels as well as the Old Dominion brand. For five bucks each, we took a tour, met some friendly people, got some tokens for sampling in their tasting room, and came home with a souvenir pint glass each. Since I’m not a beer drinker, they were super nice to let me try two whole bottles of their hand-crafted sodas, which were quite delicious, especially the black cherry!

After some lunch at a local seafood place next to the Dover International Speedway (yes, there is a NASCAR racetrack in Dover, Delaware), we decided to head south to the Atlantic coast. At 30 degrees in snow flurries, we didn’t exactly hop out of the car to take a stroll along the beach, but since we were so close to the ocean, we decided we wanted to at least see it for the first time since moving here. We drove to Rehoboth Beach and down the road a little ways for some modest coastal views before turning back toward Maryland. We’ll save some lighthouse scouting and beach strolling for a warmer day.

All in all, we had a nice day trip to Delaware. While not everything about the move has been perfect and we miss so much about Colorado, we are not negligent to appreciate the flexibility this new location affords. Three hours in any direction can get you somewhere incredibly interesting and diverse, even in the crummiest part of winter. Plus, Bart and I enjoy hanging out more than we get to during the week, and we also end up having some of our best conversations and discussions while watching the countryside pass by.

For the moment, we primarily have some local activities on our short-term weekend agenda, but as the winter fades and spring hints at its return, we have some more interesting day and weekend trips up our sleeves.

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