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Before we had our 20-week ultrasound, there was much debate over whether Baby T was a boy or girl. There are dozens of (very scientific) old wive’s tales about how to determine your baby’s gender, and who wouldn’t believe all of them? But for some reason, Bart and I felt that we needed another definitive test before letting the professionals tell us, so we obviously enlisted the help of our remarkable canine, Murphy. 

The task was simple–two identical Greenies, his favorite treat, one tied in a pink ribbon and the other in blue, both spaced equally far from Murphy. All he had to do was pick the one he though represented the gender of his soon-to-be playmate. Here are the (very scientific) results: 

Now it’s your chance to guess–do you think Baby T is a boy or girl? Let us know your prediction in the comments…and no cheating if you already know! Stay tuned to see how you and Murphy stacked up against the professionals!

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