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As one might imagine, moving two times in eleven months is not conducive to staying very organized. All our worldly possessions lived in and out of boxes during our move and our time renting. When we bought our house, we initially found temporary homes for all our stuff and boxes, but the process has been very slow. However, since we moved, and particularly since the beginning of spring, we have been on an organizational tear. From craft supplies to tools, spices to paperwork, Bart and I have been taming the beast and getting back to an efficient and functional household.

One of my ongoing projects is dealing with all the paperwork. Starting a new job, registering cars in two states, and buying, selling, and renting homes generates a mountain of paperwork that piles up in the blink of an eye. I managed to stay afloat until we made our final move, but was clear that our files needed a major intervention. My method of filing paperwork for many years was to use hanging files in a dedicated file drawer. I had a folder for each utility and financial account and for other categories like health records, receipts for big purchases, and school info. This worked pretty well, but with a big life change some of the files were a bit outdated–for instance, we have new utility providers and I no longer am in school–and it was time for a refresh.


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