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Today marks five months since we’ve been in our house. I didn’t expect it to be winter for the entire first five months here, but here I am stuck at home on yet another snow day. Seriously? I thought I moved from Colorado, but maybe I’m mistaken.

The last month has brought some more visible changes to the house, which is a nice change from the unexciting grunt work that you can’t really see. I mentioned our two new furniture items, a coat wardrobe and a kitchen storage island, which have made a big impact in form and function. I’ve also made a few decor purchases. Up until now, I’ve felt like I should hold off on decorating since we expect to be painting and fixing drywall throughout the house. But given how long our first project has taken to complete, I decided it might be awhile until we got to other areas of the house, and I figured I should enjoy some cheerful trappings in the meantime.


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