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Virginians love their vanity plates. Or maybe it’s just that there is such a high density of people here that, even if the percentage of unique license plates here is the same as in other states, I see an extraordinary number of them around. Whatever the reason for their ubiquity, perusing the vast array of clever–and sometimes stupid–phrases has become a bit of a hobby while driving around town.

There are well over 200 available license plate themes offered by the state, and most of them very affordable at just a few bucks per year, making them the perfect backdrop to a witty vanity phrase. You could show your pride for the local professional football team (never mind that they actually play in Maryland):

You could support finding a cure for breast cancer (apropos for the month of October):

There’s the ever popular Gadsden Flag, particularly provocative here around the Beltway:

You can even live it up in Margaritaville every day; cheeseburger, anyone?

Naturally, since I’ll be headed to yet another new state and getting yet another new car registration, it’s time to hypothesize about getting my own fancy, personalized tags for my car. I’m never actually serious about getting a vanity plate, but thinking of my own clever phrase is a fun activity anyway.

Something nerdy is always a good place to start. I’m sure obvious choices like “HBAR” and “PHOTON” are probably already taken. Something a little more specific to my interests would be interesting. Bart suggested “TICTOC.” Or, there’s my personal favorite, “GHZ PHD.” I do have other interests, too. I could go with something like “KNITTR” or “BLOGGR,” though I bet those are already taken.

As you can see, it’s probably good if I don’t go with a vanity plate, as my ideas apparently aren’t all that stellar. However, I’d love to hear your clever ideas: what would you suggest as a vanity plate for me? If you were going to get a vanity plate, what cheeky, shorthand phrase would you get? What’s the best or worst vanity plate you’ve ever seen?

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