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Buy all the things!

What do you do when in two short weeks you will be moving an entire household full of stuff from one house to another? Go buy more stuff, naturally.

Instead of packing or anything productive like that, Bart and I set out for the mall on Saturday morning for some retail therapy. Now, this shopping trip wasn’t totally gratuitous; it turns out that some needs for a few items are coinciding with our move this month. For instance, we both need a couple of clothing items for fall. But most importantly, I need a birthday present, and Bart needs to know what to get me. So we spent some time looking at a couple of items I have on my wish list to narrow down what I particularly liked. Definitely high priority.

If anything, Bart and I have earned a few new items this week. Since beginning to pack a few weeks ago, we have diligently sorted through our belongings and made some decisions about things we didn’t really need to haul with us to the new place. We did this in earnest before leaving Colorado, but we realized after moving that there were still many items we would be better off without. This has been particularly true in the kitchen. I’ve collected a lot over the years, particularly since cooking is kind of a hobby for me. And while I mostly make strategic and reasonable purchases instead of splurging on kitschy gadgets, I have a few things I really don’t use enough to keep. This wasn’t a big deal in Colorado, as I had a pretty big kitchen, but the kitchen in our new house is much smaller, so I felt motivated to streamline things.

While I definitely didn’t need to reward my honing with more kitchen gadgets, Bart and I did decide that, after eight years of marriage, it was probably time to lay to rest some bedraggled kitchen textiles.

We felt like we earned these new ones.


Similarly, after a couple years of constant wear, I’ve worn out my two current pairs of jeans. I replaced one pair a few months ago, but I was still in need of another pair. After trying on about a dozen in other stores with moderate damage to my psyche, I finally found a pair of designer jeans at a discount store that seem made just for me. Ladies (and gents, too, I’m sure), you will understand that when you find a pair of jeans that actually fit, you do whatever it takes to make them yours. I’ve never had a pair of so-called designer jeans before, and I’ve been curious to try a pair to see if they’re worth the hype (I’m a little skeptical, but we’ll see). While I felt a little bad about the price, they were way below retail, and Bart pointed out that as much as I wear jeans, it’s a good investment to get some I actually like. So, with his encouragement, I took those bad boys home with me. Unfortunately, I’ve already packed my sewing machine, because (like every pair of jeans I’ve ever owned) they might be a touch long.

Bart and I had such a great day. We didn’t care that we were totally ignoring a house full of empty boxes, though I did churn out a few more boxes full of kitchen stuff tonight. I told him that even if I didn’t get a birthday present and the day were totally overwhelmed by the move like it was last year, I’d look on this day and count it as fun enough to be an actual birthday celebration. Of course, if I get today plus my actual birthday, that’s even better.

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