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Today marks seven months since our move.

For once, this doesn’t coincide with any other notable events, so without further ado….

I/we have:

  • Welcomed our new niece into the family
  • Purchased a grill/smoker
  • Enjoyed watching the birds at our birdfeeder
  • Fed more squirrels than birds with the birdfeeder
  • Started regularly attending a particular church
  • Met another newly relocated couple at church
  • Driven through a tornado watch
  • Driven through the remnants of a tropical depression
  • Dried up two floods in the basement
  • Fulfilled our civic duty to Montgomery County (Bart had jury duty last week)
  • Celebrated the high school graduation of TWO of my nephews
  • Escaped the fenced backyard while chasing a squirrel (actually that was Murphy…how on earth did he get out??).

I/we have yet to:

  • Go to Gettysburg
  • Go to NYC
  • Experience a dorecho storm (though they claim we’re in for one tomorrow)
  • Have someone come fix the leak(s) in the basement wall
  • Join a church
  • Take a furlough day
  • Find the perfect house
  • Finish my mitered square blanket
  • Run 3 miles since I started back up again (stuck at 2.7 so far)
  • Visit an Atlantic beach now that it’s summer
  • Figure out how to keep squirrels away from the birdfeeder (evidently Murphy just isn’t that threatening).

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