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It has been six months…one half of a year…since we began our journey from Colorado to Washington, DC. I am incredulous.

It is now undeniably spring, though it hasn’t been super warm except for a couple of days. We have rain, flowers, bunnies, pollen, humidity, frizziness, and sinus congestion. I am generally in a pleasant temper these days, which has certainly been helped by the nicer weather replacing the doldrums of winter.


This weekend has also featured another notable event. Our pup, Murphy, turned six. In traditional dog years, that makes him 42 years old. However, my friend posted a very timely article on Facebook this week about calculating a dog’s true age. I’ve always noted that small dogs typically live longer than larger breeds, and this article corroborated that fact. They listed some more appropriate scaling factors by breed; according to them, dachshunds age about 4.32 dog years per human year, making them one of the longest-living breeds. That puts Murphy right at 26 years old on this Murphday. He’s still pretty spry yet, but I’ve noticed him slowing down in the last year. Since doxies are prone to back issues, I keep a constant watch on his mobility and health. But other than a little hesitation with stairs every so often (he is short, and they can be steep 😉 ), he’s doing pretty well, and he’ll probably keep wagging and prancing around for many years to come.


In half a year, we have, among other things:

  • Had visitors from both sides of the family
  • Made a trip back to Arkansas
  • Mowed the yard
  • Dropped in on multiple open houses
  • Scheduled two specific home tours
  • Hung out at a friend’s house
  • Gone shopping with a friend
  • Sneezed
  • Been to a National’s baseball game.

We have yet to

  • Join a church
  • Visit the zoo
  • Take a trip to NYC
  • Hike or camp
  • Visit a Civil War battlefield
  • Visit Arlington National Cemetery
  • Take a tour of the Capitol building
  • Been to the beach when it was warm
  • Invited local friends or acquaintances to our house
  • Cut my hair in frizzy desperation
  • Purchase a new grill.

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