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We just got back from Arkansas, but last weekend we already had a new set of family visitors. My parents finally made it out to see us, and while I did just see them a few days before, I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them on the quick trip. My parents are retired and like to travel, and they were already hoping to take a spring trip in the beginning of May, so they decided to head East and come by way of Washington.

We didn’t have any big plans for the weekend; mom and dad have already been out this way before and were more interested in visiting with us than seeing monuments and museums. Primarily, we ended up driving around northern Virginia, looking at neighborhoods and driving past houses for sale. We even hit a few open houses on Sunday.

My parents built houses as an “extra curricular activity” when I was growing up. Every house I ever lived in until college was one that they had built themselves. Therefore, I’ve always had an interest in real estate and homes, which makes house hunting just a bit more interesting. It also makes house hunting with my parents more interesting as well. It’s nice to have some trained eyes looking at older homes, such as the ones around here are. But house hunting is also really personal, so sharing your initial experience about a place you might call home can be a little awkward, too. But we had a fun time together. They headed out Monday morning, and it’s back to the grind this week.

I think we’ve had more guests since we moved than we had in the whole time we lived in Colorado!

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