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Four months

One third of an entire year ago today, Bart and I pulled into our new driveway in Maryland. Four months sounds so much shorter than one third of a year. Time has that funny way of feeling like it has passed both incredibly swiftly and painfully slowly at the same time. Our settled-ometer continues to read a little higher every day, but I’m still at the point where I tell people “I’m new here.”

Bart and I have weathered out an entire season on the East Coast now. Theoretically, winter is over and now there is naught but to look forward to a warmer, more exciting time of year. We will finally be able to complete many things on our to-do list that were unappealing prospects during the chill of winter, plus just generally enjoy life at home with a little extra daylight and some incentive to get out of the house in the evenings.

We still miss Colorado, though, and all our friends there. Still don’t really have friends here; still haven’t officially decided on a church. Maybe spring will also bring more opportunities to socialize.

On deck for the Taylors:

  • Visiting Civil War battlefields
  • A cherry blossom cruise on the Potomac
  • Baseball season!
  • Visit the zoo
  • Walk around on the National Mall and in town
  • Tour Arlington National Cemetery
  • Make some name rubbings at the Vietnam Memorial
  • Zip lining in Rockville (this is totally Bart’s idea, not mine)
  • We can visit a real beach now? Just whenever we feel like it?
  • Jaunting up to NYC
  • Did I mention baseball?


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