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The chapter closes

Today, the current chapter in our ongoing dining table saga has closed.

After nearly two months of waiting patiently, we finally got the dining room chairs we ordered from West Elm around New Years. We got the actual table a few weeks later when it came in to our local store but have been lacking the seating. This hasn’t been too urgent since Bart and I could use the wooden bench my dad made for us, but it’s been a little inconvenient with so many guests recently.

So finally, after much waiting and ado, I present our new dining ensemble:

DSCN4764 DSCN4763


Such a complete ensemble deserved a yummy meal to go on top of it, so tonight I attempted my second Indian meal ever, chana masala, a chickpea stew. I based my meal on the two recipes here and here. It turned out quite spicy, and while not exactly the same as you might get at an authentic restaurant, our thoroughly Western home smelled sufficiently Indian, and we both enjoyed it. However, I still miss the Indian buffet with my friend Archita back in Boulder! We also need to reciprocate a visit with Laura and Sujit soon, and I suspect I could probably convince them to make us something yummy and authentic. 😉



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