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Three months

Today marks three months–three months–since Bart and I arrived at our new doorstep in Maryland. It’s hard to believe that’s one quarter of an entire year instead of just a few weeks, but as I get older it’s my observation that time moves both more quickly and more slowly all at once. In some ways we feel established, yet in many ways we still feel unsettled. It’s hard to say when or if one wakes up some morning to realize that one is finally settled and adjusted, but I assume it will come eventually.

Likewise, I’ve been at my job just short of three months. Today, my boss said that my name came up when he was talking to the new scientific director, who is a current employee filling in for the one who retired just before Christmas. He didn’t know who I was because we haven’t met yet, so my boss said I should go over and say hi sometime. For a workplace with a smaller number of employees, it’s still easy to miss people since we are spread over a number of buildings on a rather large campus. And since the turnover rate is quite low, one can be the “new kid” for a while. Despite that, I’m slowly feeling less new as far as my position goes; I have more stuff to do and know more about the workings of the group. However, due to the incredibly technical nature of research, I still often have more questions than answers. This will be another slow adjustment; I presume I will also wake up one day and realize that I am finally familiar and fluent with all our projects. It will also help when new projects start and I am involved with those from the beginning.

Month three brought some significant first-time accomplishments, but there are still always things to do around here.

Things we have done:

  • Had two sets of house visitors!
  • Crossed the Mason-Dixon line (twice)
  • Learned about the Mason-Dixon line
  • Finally closed our old bank accounts
  • Finally got new tires and an oil change
  • Finally finished the Wheel of Time book series
  • Acquired metro passes
  • Made it from our house to I-495 and I-270 without Google Maps
  • Started completely over again on our church search
  • Visited the Korean market in Rockville
  • Walked around Baltimore
  • Celebrated our eight year engagement anniversary (as of yesterday!)

Things we still haven’t done:

  • Spend time at national monuments, buildings, and museums (just a few minutes here and there so far)
  • Find a church
  • Make local friends
  • Find a decent Mexican restaurant
  • Receive our dining chairs from West Elm
  • Host a guest from either of our families
  • Call the home warranty place about our leaky fridge
  • Get an emissions test for my car
  • Catch the Bond villains exhibit at the Spy Museum
  • Use our metro passes
  • Visit a Civil War site
  • See the state capital building
  • Remember capital vs. capitol (we looked it up, but I keep forgetting)
  • Yardwork

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