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Sorry, Julia

Bart and I spent two weeks in Europe in September of last year–my awesome graduation present! While we were in France, Switzerland, and Italy, we ate lots of delicious food, and that inspired us to try a few of our favorite recipes once we got home.

One French classic we enjoyed while in Paris was the quiche lorraine, something I was quite certain I could reasonably attempt on my own. When I started meal planning a few weeks ago, it came to mind that I hadn’t made one yet, so I put it on the list and went hunting for a recipe. Where better to start than Julia Child’s own recipe? It was simple yet elegant, exactly what I was looking for (and it had bacon). Unfortunately, I was a little lazy about having to chill the dough for two hours. For a meal to put together after work, ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I’ve been putting it off for a few weeks now, but today I decided to give up on Julia’s crust recipe and find a quicker yet appropriate substitute. Sorry, Julia.

I decided to try this quicker quiche crust (try saying that five times fast), and it turned out pretty well. It wasn’t terribly hard to roll out and lay in the tart pan.


I still went with Julia’s recipe for the innards (including bacon).


The final result was quite delicious and pretty and comparable to ones we ate in France. The crust turned out pretty well, if a bit on the heavy side. Now I have to figure out which delectable European treat I’ll try next!



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