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Two months

Bart and I have now been in Maryland for two months. Given that we’ve been here during arguably the busiest season of the entire year, one would think the time has just flown by. In a way, maybe it has, but I actually feel like it’s been forever since leaving Colorado.

In a way, I’m settling in and finding a groove–at work, around town, during my commute, etc–but just when I start to feel like I’m getting moderately comfortable with life here, I immediately am reminded of something frustrating, and I despair of ever finding this place to be “home.” Groceries are expensive, houses are expensive, our house is drafty and cold and full of bugs, I miss owning my own house, we haven’t met many people yet, it’s dreary and cold. Bart pointed out that we would have to make these or similar adjustments anywhere we moved, and this just takes time. I still struggle, though.

Here are some things we’ve done after being here two months:

  • Bought a little furniture, including a dining table
  • Celebrated our first Christmas not in Arkansas.
  • Used a sick day
  • Used a vacation day
  • Teleworked
  • Made a long weekend trip away from home
  • Visited a couple of churches multiple times
  • Avoided the Mayan apocalypse
  • Finished a knitting project
  • Started another knitting project
  • Celebrated our anniversary
  • Noticed some daffodils or tulips already poking through the ground by the front door
  • Purchased a truck bed load of firewood
  • Texted or emailed or called to keep up with some friends

Things we still haven’t done, some of which are on our radar in the near future:

  • Have house guests
  • Cross the Mason Dixon line
  • Visit Pennsylvania, Delaware
  • Eat fresh seafood on the coast (Bart, at least)
  • Cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel
  • Visit the International Spy museum in DC
  • Visit the Air and Space museum near Dulles
  • Have coffee with my high school friend who lives in Virginia
  • Text or email or call more friends


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