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It’s Friday! I successfully made it through the first normal week we’ve had in a while. No holidays, nobody sick, just almost boring, right? 🙂 I guess it hasn’t actually been boring. We’ve had a few things going on at the Taylor household recently that make us feel like we’re starting to clip along a bit like normal.

First, after many weeks of flailing about in the kitchen without a rhyme or reason, I decided that I had to start meal planning to bring some semblance of order to kitchen chaos. One of the worst things about moving has been replenishing my pantry supplies and trying to find decent grocery stores in the area. I could complain about this for hours, but I’ll refrain at the moment. Anyways, I’ve finally got a working source of food both at home and from the store, but my typical MO of going into the kitchen and staring at my fridge to see what I have to throw together for a meal each night was not cutting it. I decided my grocery shopping and cooking needed a little focus and direction. So I made a list of things I hadn’t cooked in a while, made a grocery list, stocked my fridge for the week, and have been cranking out some yummy dishes, such as the Pioneer Woman’s cajun chicken pasta and my pork loin roast, as featured at Thanksgiving. This evening we had breakfast for dinner, featuring home-made hash browns and made-from-scratch southern style biscuits. The consensus at the Taylor house: mmmmmmmmmm.


This week, my amaryllis bloom finally opened up. I grew my first bulb last year at Christmas, and I really enjoyed the vibrant color brightening up the gloom and grey of winter. There’s also a second shoot (you can see it hiding behind the big blooms) that will be blooming in the next week or so.



In order to bulk up the furniture shortage in the Taylor household, Bart and I recently decided to try something completely different and take a chance on purchasing a few accent pieces online. When we were at his sister’s house over Christmas, we got to see an ottoman she had purchased on Overstock.com. We were surprised at how nice it was, and since we were had actually been looking at ottomans (ottomen?) and coffee tables for the den, we decided to give it a try ourselves. We purchased an ottoman (not pictured) and an upholstered bench, shown below. We weren’t looking for benches and it seemed a little bit of a strange item to purchase. However, when we saw it, we were immediately drawn to it. As we finished browsing for other stuff, we decided that at the price point, we could go ahead and try it. I really like it; it’s got some interesting script French text on it and a nice color. It will look great filling up empty space and will be really useful for extra seating (one of these days maybe we’ll actually know some people to invite over!).


And speaking of furniture, our dining table finally came in! We just got the call from West Elm today, so we’re going to go pick that up tomorrow. We still won’t have the chairs, as they were backordered and shipping separately, but when I get everything in, I’ll share a picture of the final result.

It’s also worth noting that we got our copy of A Memory of Light, the last installment of the long-lived Wheel of Time fantasy series. After many long years of waiting, it’s finally time to wrap up the series. Bart and I are reading it aloud to each other, something we enjoy doing, but it does take a lot longer. Nevertheless, we’ll both stick it out together and finish at the same time.

So, not a bad week at the Taylor house. This weekend we hope to take care of some errands, do some more church shopping, and also do something fun, including watching the Broncos win their playoff game on Saturday. Go Denver!

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