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Hello, 2013

So much for 2013 starting off less eventful than 2012. It seems like the last few days have been full of sad news and discouragement. For one, Bart got sick on Sunday, and I followed suit on New Years Day. I even had to take my first sick day on Wednesday, the first day everyone else in my group was finally back after Christmas (of course, I had been healthy and at work every other day before that). Ah well. I managed to go in today, thinking I was mostly better, but two nights of not sleeping well made me kind of zombified. Bart is better now, so hopefully I will be soon, too, since I seem to just be a couple of days behind. In addition, we’ve gotten multiple pieces of bad or unfortunate news from family and friends. Some have turned out okay, others not. Even bits of good news have just added to the amount of news overall, and like I said–I was kind of hopeful for less eventful in general.

Bad news, not feeling well, and lack of sleep are the perfect cocktail for a little discouragement. It doesn’t help that we’re in a new place, still trying to get settled, still trying to figure things out. I know it’s only been three days, and things aren’t bound to be dismal for the entire year; it’s just a strange way to start it. I’m sure things will look up when I no longer have a snotty flood coming out of my nose and I stop trying to hack up a lung. And a good night’s sleep and some good new goes a long way to a sunnier outlook!

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