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Goodbye, 2012

My, how time flies. Twelve months ago I came back to school after Christmas break and sketched out a timeline for completing my PhD thesis by the end of the spring semester. Looking at that list, I felt certifiably insane. Surely there was no way I would actually be done in a mere three months. Somehow, page by page, graph by graph, chapter by chapter, it got done. I’m still amazed its all over. What an experience; I’m glad to have done it, but I don’t believe I shall ever do it again!


Needless to say, 2012 was quite eventful. In one year, I finished writing my thesis, defended my thesis, graduated with a PhD in physics, ran a 10K, didn’t work for three and a half months, spent two weeks in Europe, sold our house, moved across the country, started a real job, and spent our first Christmas away from family.

No offense, 2012, but if 2013 is slightly less eventful I might not complain.

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