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A Maryland Christmas

Yesterday, Bart and I celebrated our first Christmas away from home. This was also the first time we exchanged presents with each other on Christmas day. Usually we are traveling for a week or two and do our personal gift exchange before we leave. Waiting usually isn’t the Taylor way, either; as soon as there is something to give someone else, we can hardly contain ourselves and usually break down and give it early. However, managing to wait until Christmas morning was kind of our own Christmas miracle!

The last few years, we have done “stockings” for each other; that is, a few smaller scale gifts instead of bigger items, or in addition to one larger joint gift we share. It’s fun to fill a stocking with little things we think the other will like. I think we did well this year. Bart’s stocking included his annual Dilbert desk calendar, the OC Supertones’ latest album, a genuine Italian moka pot espresso maker (something that we discovered on our recent trip to Rome), and some presidential flash cards (we always rue our deficiency in executive knowledge, and this is a fun way to get a little more educated). My gifts included a new green laser pointer, a French style rolling pin, a Moleskine “Le Petit Prince” day calendar for 2013, a travel book for a place we might get to go next year, and a really unique iPhone5 cover. As usual, we had lots of fun unpacking our goodies.

Having nothing else on the agenda for the day, we headed out for a super early matinee showing of The Hobbit. Being so early, the matinee price made it relatively cheap to see it in 3D with high frame rate. Hearing other people’s description of it,┬áincluding some who claimed it had the feel of a soap opera, made us completely unsure of what it was going to look like. However, we didn’t find these outlandish claims to be at all the case. The overall impression we got from it was that of exquisite clarity of the picture and a smoother 3D experience. Overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed the movie and thought the higher frame rate was cool.

After that, we spent the rest of the day at home relaxing…not a bad Christmas at all. Just different than usual.

It snowed a little bit the afternoon of Christmas Eve, but it eventually just turned into a dreary rain. Christmas day was pretty clear and nice; however, the front that pushed across most of the US on Christmas is passing through today. Any other Christmas, we would be in Arkansas during this exact time, but the year we didn’t go, it snowed foot or more there. You’re welcome, everybody. While I missed being with family this holiday, I can’t say I really missed being a part of that snowy mess, especially trying to drive back here!

It’s a cold, wet, deary mess out today. I thankfully had a small project that I could work on at home, so I decided this would be the best time to take advantage of that opportunity. I mean, how many days can one do their work in front of a cozy fire? Seriously.



I’ll go back into work for real the rest of the week, even though nobody else will be there. It’s at least a good time to trudge through some training and get it over with so I can focus on more technical stuff when the rest of my group members return after New Year’s.

I’m actually kind of looking forward to the end of the holiday season. I have enjoyed the days off, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still trying to get into a really solid routine in our new place, and this just keeps throwing me off. Soon, it will be the dreary end of winter, and I’ll have nothing better to do than sit by the fire, think about my routine, and dream of spring. ­čÖé

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