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One month

We’ve been in Maryland for one month now. Here’s an overview of some of the things we have and haven’t done since arriving here.

So far, I/we have:

  • Completed four full weeks of work.
  • Gotten paid.
  • Had one federal holiday.
  • Walked through part of Rock Creek Park.
  • Taken an overnight trip out of town.
  • Taken the metro into DC.
  • Gone to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.
  • Driven to Virginia an average of twice per week.
  • Closed on our old house.
  • Watched the Broncos play on TV (only because they played the Baltimore Ravens today, whose games always air in our area).
  • Visited six different churches.
  • Sung the Doxology three times.
  • Gotten a cold.
  • Gotten lost.
  • Started a knitting project.
  • Thrown a breaker by turning on the microwave at least three times.
  • Gone to Ikea twice.
  • Decorated for Christmas.
  • Had mail and packages delivered to our new address.
  • Mailed Christmas cards.
  • Met two neighbors.
  • Purchased firewood.
  • Gone to a movie.
  • Visited with a friend from out of town.
  • Got driver’s licenses and cars registered.
  • Been stuck in traffic.

Things we have not done:

  • Driven entirely around the Beltway.
  • Visited a church more than once.
  • Wrapped any Christmas presents.
  • Purchased any furniture (still eating on the industrial plastic folding table).
  • Made a fire in the fireplace (but coming soon).
  • Unpacked every single box.
  • Gone to a Walmart.
  • Finished a knitting project.
  • Made any friends (other than people I meet at work).
  • Been to the ocean.
  • Crossed the Mason Dixon line.
  • Had anyone over.
  • Been to a national monument.
  • Seen a politician.
  • Filed any of the growing mound of paperwork.
  • Called the appliance warranty place about our leaky refrigerator.
  • Parked my car in the garage.

Clearly we’ve done plenty while here, but there’s still a lot that we haven’t do. Some don’t matter a lot; some are quite important. Some we definitely will do at some point, others we may not. And we’ll continue to find stuff we need and want to do.

I guess it’s been okay here. In some ways I feel reasonably settled. Maybe I’ve “forgotten” about Colorado, but maybe I still feel that I’m just temporarily away and will “be back later.” Does it feel like home or not? Do I like it or not? Sometimes I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it; sometimes I am absolutely frustrated or hate it. Well, we’re here either way, I guess. I just keep working at making our home here and enjoying the opportunities afforded by being here, then maybe one day it will feel like home in every way.

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